BEEF Baltimore

Baltimore Efficiency & Economy Foundation

BEEF and its expert consultants work hand-in-hand with Baltimore City officials to improve government operations and fiscal and tax policy. Our projects have helped the City to contain costs, earn new revenues and bring cutting-edge information to impact decision making.

Out now: City of Baltimore – FY 2017 Preliminary Budget Plan

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2016 Mayoral Questionnaire

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Economic Development

Reference information pertaining to BEEF Projects and topics of interest to Baltimore City business and government.

Tax Policy

“Real Property Taxes and Tax Exempt Organizations” (Meds/Eds) Report, Alternative Revenue Sources and Structures for Baltimore City, and more…

Government & Processes

Baltimore City’s largest source of revenue is property taxes. It has the highest property tax rate in the State of Maryland, more than double that of other Maryland jurisdictions.


Project: SCOPE, the “Foreclosure Prevention & Remedy” Report, “Effective Homeownership Tax Credit Programs”, and more…

Recreation & Parks

Review our special reports on Aquatics, Special Facilities, Concessions and more as BEEF examines the management of parks and recreation in Baltimore City.


BEEF helps to bring technology skills to City public school students.

Public Safety

Making the “System” Work in the Baltimore Criminal Justice System: An Evaluation of Early Disposition Court (more…)


Bicycles, Cars, and Public Transportation… read what major cities are learning about navigating and protecting their cities.